Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dusty Bookshelf, culinary books, movies and a 5x8 trailer

  Last morning in "my comfort zone" in Northern New England. Looking around my almost deserted room, I realized that today is the day I actually start my beginning. Its amazing to see how much stuff one has until they pack up all their possessions into a tiny tomb not to see day light for a few days.
 Our trip down to Low Country, will take us a few days. We will be stopping to visit family in central Jersey, and possibly friends on the way.  On the topic of friends. To those that I didn't say goodbye too while leaving school, this is not a goodbye. You have all inspired me and helped me grow and develop not only as a cook but as a person. You will all not be forgotten. You know my number and most know my address, keep in touch because this industry is as small as the world. One day some of us will be working for each other, or calling/writing/emailing asking for advice or helping with menu development. I wish everyone the best of luck on new beginnings.

 Off to loading the trailer. Till later keep on Cookin
with Strength and Honor

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