Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A new beginning

  My last night sitting in NH. Does it bother me???? Not at all. My life, career, FUTURE is about to begin.Three hard, long years recently came to a screeching halt. I have completed my Bachelors Degree in culinary arts and I'm eager to venture out into "the real world". Culinary school for me felt like a safety net. There where students who have never worked on a line in their lives. In the case that I had with a few years of experience , I pushed the Chef Instructors to learn the most and used lab times as play times.
  So what exactly is in store for me?? Well, my girlfriend and I are moving in together down in Charleston SC. We both are chefs in training. Its interesting that people (food and beverage employees) end up together. Its because of our crazy lifestyle and just understanding each other better because of it. We both have jobs down there. I will be working at Halls Chophouse and she will be at The Peninsula Grill. How long will I be living where Low Country Cuisine? only time will tell.

  Speaking of which, I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I have a general knowledge of this cooking. Its going to be interesting to eat and prepare cuisine that I hardly know. This move is going to help me further my knowledge and help me grow and develop into (hopefully) an awesome chef. As far as this blog....this will explain the hardships (hopefully not to many....fingers crossed) into gaining the title as "CHEF"

  Till later folks (if anyone reads this) Keep on Cookin
with strength and honor

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  1. hahaha... the personal journal of derek merner, this is totally going to be a constant source of my amusement.